Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wax On, Wax Off: Waxing vs. Shaving

As far as staying fuzz free goes, I've always been a shaving kinda gal. It's just easier, more convenient and, most importantly pain free. But having recently booked a holiday (Florence here I come!) I've been thinking more and more about the pros and cons of 'at home' waxing. Here, I've decided to put together a little debate; will I waver to waxing, or will I stay a shaver? We shall see.

With regards to shaving, I used to be a Venus lover through and through, but after receiving a Wilkinson Sword HydroSilk* razor in my OxMeet goody bag, I've been having a go with that. I must admit, maybe Venus isn't the only blade for me after all, as this one's pretty great. Similar to my old Venus Spa Breeze razor, it has moisture bars, meaning that my skin doesn't get dry and irritated after shaving. Honestly, I hate to shave my legs with any razor that doesn't have these built in moisturisers now, as I feel like they make such a difference! The HydroSilk also has 5 curve-sensing blades (fancy, eh?) for really close shaving, and let me tell you, it definitely earns the 'silk' in it's name. It's even got a travel cover, so it doesn't get all gammy in your wash bag. The perfect travel companion, no? Now, I know that shaving doesn't last long, and your left with stubbly pins mere days after doing the deed, but that's not an aspect that's ever really bothered me. Sure, it would be lovely to have silky smooth legs all year round, but even with waxing, that's never going to happen, so what's a couple of extra minutes in the shower for the sake of a little legwork? It's also important to note the pain free pull of shaving - the soreness of waxing was making me more than a little apprehensive. I gave it a go anyway, for comparison's sake, and here's what I thought. 

Obviously the big draw of waxing is longer lasting results, hence the reason I'm considering it for my travels. I don't really want to be spending valuable time abroad perfecting my summer legs, so it makes sense that I should give them a cheeky wax before I head off. After a quick trip up the hair removal aisle in Boots, I selected the Veet Wax Strips for Senstive Skin. I thought it wise to have a trial run before I went all gung-ho just days before my trip. To be honest, I'm not fully impressed with the results. I do love that the strips are impregnated with Almond Oil and Vitamin E for that little kick of moisture, and I favour the longer lasting results over those of shaving, but for me, that's probably where the benefits end. In terms of the pain factor, the initial sting is fine, but it throbs for a while afterwards, and leaves my skin looking a bit angry for the rest of the day. Not an attractive look, I can tell you! This does go down overnight, so I think I'd be safe doing it in advance, but another aspect I found rather irritating was the sticky residue left on my red legs after I'd yanked the wax strips off - the perfect finish wipes are nowhere near perfect by the way. Paired with the fact that you aren't supposed to wax over the same area twice, so any strays you have to tweeze from the tacky remains, it seems to me that waxing isn't really worth the trouble. It might be my novice technique that's causing all the difficulties, but I think I'll remain a shaving lady for the foreseeable future. 

Conclusion: I think I'll give waxing a go for my stint in the sun, although I plan to book an appointment for a professional wax to save me the hassle. But I'll be sure to pack my trusty razor - just in case. After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

What about you guys? Waxers or shavers? What's your razor of choice? Let me know!

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