Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A Rose Amongst Thorns: The White Company - Rose Signature Candle

Usually I'm really not a candle person. They're either too strong and give me a bit of a headache, it goes in completely the other direction and I can't smell anything at all, or they have the burn time of a hair, and I really don't feel I've got my money's worth. On top of all this, having an open flame in my room isn't great for my anxiety levels, so I usually just call it a day and grab the room spray/perfume equivalent to the candle scents I like. However, a couple of weekends back at blogger meet up, OxMeet (more on this next week), I was treated to the most amazing goody bag, courtesy of lovely Adrienne, and in amongst the delightful cornucopia was the new Rose Signature Candle* from The White Company. Not something I would have thought to buy myself, I'm so glad I've been given the chance to catch a whiff of this gorgeous candle, its sumptuous scent potentially converting me to candlism.
The White Company is synonymous with clean, crisp and minimal design, an aesthetic I often covet, and the Rose Signature Candle is no different in this respect. Perched on my bedside table, it's a simple, beautiful addition to my bedroom decor. None of that gaudy packaging thank you very much! As for the scent, I often find rose to be a little overpowering, reminiscent of old ladies and potpourri. But this fragrant blend of rose, jasmine and lily is wonderful. Sweet and floral, yet fresh and contemporary, it's definitely a more modern twist on a classic rosy aroma. One of my favourite aspects is the fact that it fills my room with its delicate aroma even when it's not lit. It's so lovely to come home from work and have this beautiful fragrance wash over me as I open my bedroom door. It also means that I won't have to light it as much, and it will last a lot longer, its approximate burn time of 28 hours a mere fraction of the life I will get out of this beauty. The White Company could make a candle lover out of me yet!

Are you a fan of The White Company? Have you had the chance to catch the scent of this beautiful Rose Signature Candle yet? Let me know!


*PR sample

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