Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Review: Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara

The notion of beautifying is one that's been around for almost as long as we have. Stemming from the Ancient Greek word, kosmetikos, makeup is a concept that's transitioned through the ages, but that doesn't mean that those ancient civilisations always got it right. The Greeks, for example, favoured a mono-brow, the more follically-challenged women using charcoal to fill the gap. Now, I know fashions are forever changing, but I can't imagine that ever being a trend I'd want to rock. Boy, that Helen must have been a looker! The Romans did one better, the elite painting their faces with white lead to give themselves that pale, ethereal look. As you can imagine, smothering your face with poison isn't the best idea and, as a result, Roman women rarely made it past the age of 30. The Egyptians, however, seemed to have a little more sense in the beauty department, using plants, waxes and oils to adorn their faces for an altogether more aesthetically pleasing look. Australian brand, Eye of Horus have taken a leaf out of the Egyptian's ancient scroll, replicating the gentle, natural, yet wonderfully effective cosmetics of those winged liner pioneers. One such product is the Goddess Mascara*, a beautifully separating, fantastically long lasting product that has become my new go to daytime mascara as of late.

The first selling point for me is the brand's natural approach to beauty. As well as being able to boast cruelty free production (a huge plus in my opinion), their products are paraben free, and contain an impressive list of organic ingredients, perfect for those of us with more sensitive peepers. Prominent in the formulation of the Goddess Mascara, is Moringa Oil, discovered in the tomb of the legendary Tutankhamun. Packed with an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins, it promises to strengthen lashes whilst giving your eye it's all important framework. And hey, if its good enough for kings, it's most certainly good enough for me!
Odd close up, but this is one coat ladies and gents. One coat!
With some natural products, I find that the organic ingredients sadly compromise their performance, but that's definitely not the case with Eye of Horus. In fact, as far as mascaras go, it's one of the best new products I've come across in a long time. The mascara gives the lashes a great lift whilst lengthening and separating, and I find one coat is enough for me to brave the outside world. It is very easy to layer for a more full on effect, but I do think I prefer this product for a natural daytime eye, reserving my MaxFactor favourite for the evening. The aspect I found most impressive was the product's outstanding durability. Claiming to be water resistant, I was told that all you needed to remove the product was a little warm water. The fact that you don't need make up remover to shift it, I'll admit, made me a little apprehensive about smudging. And as someone with quite long lashes and a slightly hooded eye, I'm often plagued with that oh so irritating mascara transfer. But once it's on, this stuff doesn't budge at all - it's amazing! Goodbye, panda eye! In addition to the product itself, the flexible silicon wand is perfect for separating the lashes and wiggling your way right down to the roots. The fact that it has a little more give makes for an almost foolproof application, greatly reducing the number of times you get a little too close for comfort, jabbing yourself in the eye and having to rectify the mascara mayhem you've inadvertently caused. You know we've all been there.

Although I swore I'd never be swayed from my love of all mascaras MaxFactor, I must say that this has found a welcome home for itself in my everyday makeup routine. It's a fantastic daytime mascara, which makes me wonder why we ever tampered with the beautiful, natural formulas passed down to us by our Egyptian ancestors in the first place. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Have you tried this mascara or any of the Eye of Horus products? What's your mascara of choice? Let me know!


*PR sample

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  1. You have wonderfully long lashes and this mascara looks great! I love that it uses organic ingredients, especially as it's so close to your eyes. This is a great post x

    1. Aww thank you lovely! I love that it's organic too, I don't often find great natural mascaras so this one's a godsend! xx