Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bare Legged Beauty: My Go To Products For Perfect Pins

Admit it, we all spend most of the Winter months in a Yeti like state of being - woollen tights and comfy jeans mean that we don't really have to worry about the state of our overgrown legs. But with Spring (hopefully) just around the corner, shaggy chic is no longer acceptable. And if we want to dig our long forgotten Summer glad rags out of the depths of the wardrobe, and start parading our perfect pins around in the Spring sunshine, then it's time to start thinking about preening them to silky smooth perfection again. Here are the few of the products I turn to when I dare to bare.


In order to ensure a silky smooth finish, it's important to exfoliate. Scaly is not a good look, my friends. My favourite product for doing so is Soap & Glory's Flake Awaya super effective body polish that smells divine, and couldn't be easier to use. Just massage it into your legs and then hop in the shower to wash it off. My skin has a habit of being quite sensitive, so I don't like products that are too abrasive, but at the same time, there's no point in spending money on a gentle exfoliator that doesn't do a thing. This, I find to be the perfect balance between the two. The grains are quite fine, not like rubbing gravel into your legs, but still substantial enough to make a huge difference to their appearance. And with shea butter and almond oils included in it's list of snack-worthy ingredients (sugar and peach powder? Yes please!), it's not at all drying, something I have previously found to be a big issue with exfoliators. 


Equally as important as exfoliating before shaving, is moisturising afterwards. For this, I like to use Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter Body Lotion. Can you tell I'm having a bit of a moment with Soap & Glory products? I think it's got something to do with the mouthwatering scents. One of my favourite things about this product in particular, apart from it's fabulous fragrance, is the pump dispenser. I, like many others, am guilty of being a lazy moisturiser. I just want baby soft skin with none of the work - is that really too much to ask? Apparently so, but I find that having a product in pump form on the shelf of my bathroom makes moisturising a lot less of a chore, as it takes no time at all. Just jump out the shower and slather it on, baby! Another huge pro for me is the fact that it sinks in immediately, and doesn't leave a sticky residue. I hate having to wander around, partially nude and freezing cold, because I have to wait until my moisturiser doesn't double as an adhesive before I can dress myself. So a product that eliminates this ritual gets a massive thumbs up in my book. Bravo, Soap & Glory. Bravo.

Tackling that pesky cellulite!

A huge part of looking good is eating well and exercising regularly, and I do try to stick to a healthy diet and stay relatively active. Unfortunately, however, I've never met a pastry I didn't like. For that reason, whenever I want my legs looking picture perfect, I like to have a quick fix product on hand to give my cellulite an extra kick in the nads, if you will. My weapon of choice for combatting the dreaded orange peel is Bliss' fatgirlslim. A skin firming cream with QuSome-encapsulated caffeine (no clue, sorry!), you just work it into your troublesome areas for about 30 seconds, and watch this magical cream take effect. It's quite an odd sensation as you can really feel it working when it's on - the only thing I can compare it to is the mentholly feeling you get when you apply that 4head relief stick, but on your legs.  I enjoy the fresh feeling, and this stuff really packs a punch! Of course, it's no substitute for a good old-fashioned healthy lifestyle, but it's nice to have that fast working product to give you a little more confidence in your bum-skimming party dress. 

And there you have it; my go to products for when I want to flash some flesh and need the perfect legs to do so. Which products do you reach for when you seek photo ready pins? Have you tried any Soap & Glory or Bliss products? Let me know!


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