Friday, 17 January 2014

Sumptuous Scarlets: My Favourite Red Lipsticks

Revlon/YSL/Tom Ford/Rimmel/MAC
There's something really glamorous and sophisticated about a red lip. Although I always tend to gravitate towards a bronzy smokey eye, I love experimenting with red lipsticks, and here are some of my absolute favourite colours for creating that beautiful scarlet pout.
This gorgeous matte, almost neon looking, orangey red gets the most use from me in the summer. I love how chic it looks, and I think it's really reminiscent of a 50s Hollywood starlet. At least that's what I feel like when I have it on. I like to wear it with floral dresses and huge sunglasses; the epitome of summertime sophistication.
This glossy little number is the perfect Christmas red for me. Bright and shiny, I love to pair it with a gold eye for a pretty festive look. As is the case for all YSL lip products, the packaging is so beautiful, an added bonus. And it smells like cherries. Delicious. The only thing I find is that the glossy finish doesn't last very long unless paired with a lip liner, but as I use one most of the time anyway, it isn't an issue for me. 
This long lasting lipstick is about as dark as I can go before I start looking a bit gothic (it's a lot darker than it's shown up on camera). It's the most burgundy colour in my collection and, despite being the cheapest, I find this to be the lipstick with the longest wear. It's become my go to red if I know I'm going for a boozy dinner with friends, as I know I can go all evening without reapplying and still have perfect peckers at the end of the night! 
This is the best true red I've found, and the first red that got me really excited about lipsticks. Claiming to be matte, it's definitely not as much so as Lady Danger, giving a more velvet finish, but I find this to be perfect for more dry lips. Anything too matte has my lips flaking like nobodies business. I also find this lipstick to be the one that transfers the least. Rarely do I find it printed on the rim of glasses when I'm out and about.
The newest addition to my lipstick collection, I got this beauty for Christmas and I was so excited when I unwrapped it!  There's something so opulent about Tom Ford, and this is absolutely going to be my lipstick of choice for special occasions. I haven't had the chance to properly wear it out yet, so I can't testify to it's longevity, but it feels very silky and luxurious and is super hydrating, giving a luminous but not quite glossy finish. A lot brighter on my lips than it looks in the bullet, a quality I love, I feel like a superstar when I'm sporting this beautiful creamy lip product, even if I am just swanning about the house in my dressing gown.

So there you are. My favourite red lippies. All slightly different, all beautiful products. What are your favourite red lipsticks? Have you tried any of mine? Let me know!


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  1. I love the matte one by Revlon - love a nice true red with a matte finish. They're just that much more chic and vintage-y :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Thanks lovely! I completely agree with you, there's something so much more classy about a matte lip! And the Revlon one is so affordable! xx

    2. Lady Danger is definitely a staple in my lipstick collection. All these reds look gorgeous on you!

    3. Aww thank you! Lady Danger is amazing isn't it! So glad that orange is a trend this season, because I'm going to be wearing it a lot! xx

  2. I love matte lipsticks, and Revlon is definitely an amazing brand. Lady Danger is also very pretty!


    1. I know! I really want to try the Revlon matte pencils now! And I think Lady Danger is my favourite though xx