Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Skin Saviours

I'm usually quite lucky with my skin and, although always leaning towards the dry side, I never really have any problems with it. However, every now and then, whether it be due to diet, stress, or time of year, it needs a little nurturing. Here are the three products I reach for most when I want some extra help.
For Breakouts//Alpha H Liquid Gold

This stuff, quite frankly, is a good skin day in a bottle. If ever I have a bit of a spotty day, I wipe a little of this on my visage before bedtime, reassured by the promise that I will wake up with clearer, brighter, plumped up skin, feeling fantastic and ready to take on whatever the day might have to throw at me. It does sting a little when you apply it, which I actually quite like as I know it's working. Also, it smells a bit like a shot (not selling it too well am I?) but the fact that it's not packed with perfume is an attribute I also really like. It's a bit on the pricey side, but it works, and is definitely a product worth investing in. It really is 'like having a facial in your sleep.'
For Congested Skin//Origins Clear Improvement

If ever my pores are feeling a little on the clogged side, I reach for this Origins offering, as I know I'll be left with a fresher feeling complexion after I use it. A charcoal mask that I use about once a week, it's gentle enough that I can use it all over my face, whilst still packing quite a punch and clearing my pores considerably. I've tried other charcoal masks, all of which tend to leave me quite red without making an awful lot of difference, so Origins really comes out on top for me. 

When my skin needs an extra kick of moisture, which is most of the time, I turn to Jurlique's face oil. I much prefer oils, particularly at this time of year when I really dislike applying cold creams to my person, and Jurlique are, in my opinion, the best of the bunch. I apply a few drops of this to my face every night before bed, pushing it into my skin, and wake up with softer, silkier feeling skin, which is substantially less dry than when I tucked myself in.  

And there you have it. A little insight into how I deal with my skin when it starts to misbehave. What are your go to products for when your skin starts to pose a problem? Do you like any of the same brands as I do? Let me know!


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  1. I think my skin is similar to yours - a bit on the dry side but generally manageable. I find Aveeno products to be quite helpful in the winter when my skin gets drier than usual. Their Positively Radiant Night Cream is the best!
    Great products - I think I'm going to check out the Origins mask. It looks amazing!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Ooh I've never tried Aveeno! Definitley going to look into that now! The Origins mask is really good, I also really like the Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - perfect for drier skin like ours! xx

  2. I'm excited to hear your positive thoughts on the Origins mask. I've been wanting it for a while and was lucky enough to get a mini sample of it from Sephora recently. I am excited to try it.

    1. It's fantastic! It makes my skin feel so soft when I've used it too! I'd love to know what you think once you've tried your sample! xx