Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My Birthday Shenanigans

For this post, I thought I'd do something slightly different because.... it's my birthday!! Yay! At least it was last Friday, but it's close enough. I'm quite partial to a good lifestyle post, and so I thought, given that it was a special occasion, I'd try my hand at it, with a little birthday gift haul thrown in for good measure. So I hope you enjoy this change from the norm. I had such a lovely birthday and it seemed a shame not to write about it all. Also, as a little side note, I'd just like to say that I'm rubbish at taking photos when I'm out, but I'll stick in the very few Instagram snaps that I did get.
Cupcakes! They had sparklers on them, but they took so long to light that they went out before I could snap them.
So, on my actual birthday I stayed at home with my favourite person - my mum. We gorged on pizza and cake, spending the whole evening watching old school chick flicks. Hello, Notting Hill! I know, slow down, crazy party lady! I could have gotten dressed up and gone out for the  night, but I just feel like I'm past clubbing now (sign #1 that you're getting old), and, as all my friends live in London, it's quite an expensive ordeal, particularly as we were all so used to student prices once upon a time. And it was lovely to just lounge around in our lazy clothes, and eat about a months worth of calories in one sitting - if you can't on your birthday, when can you, eh? I couldn't think of a more enjoyable way to spend the evening, and I'm so pleased that I didn't feel at all obligated to go out.

My Parma Violet tasting drink!

Loving this birthday card.

The following day, which just so happens to be my brothers birthday, I actually did go out, but only for dinner with friends. We went to a place called Bubbledogs, a novel little restaurant which only serves hot dogs and champagne. And let me just start by saying, hands down, best hot dog I've ever had. And you can never go too far wrong with a cheeky bottle of champagne. You might have to queue for about an hour for a table, but I would definitely urge you to put your name down, send someone on a sly alcohol run to the Tesco around the corner, and enjoy the wait whilst sipping on a G&T, because the food is worth hanging around for. The hot dog I chose was the 4th of July. Piled high with spicy BBQ sauce and delicious coleslaw, it was a messy yet wonderful affair. I keep telling myself that the reason I took no photographs is because my hands were too sticky to touch anything, but, lets face it, I was never going to remember to get my camera out. They were really sticky though... It's not the type of  the type of place to go on a first date, unless your idea of romance is having someone lovlingly pick the coleslaw out of your hair (how did it get there?!), but I was in the company of my nearest and dearest, so I wasn't afraid to just get stuck in and enjoy the delectable experience. I overcompensated with sides, as I'd read a few reviews online which claimed that the hot dogs were tiny, and not very filling. Lies. They're normal sized hot dogs.So learn from my mistake - one side will be enough. As for which sides we ordered, not known for our frugality, we went for the lot: tots, sweet potato fries and coleslaw, all of which were deliciously moreish. The type of food that you can't stop eating, even though you feel like you might explode after every mouthful. The tots were my favourite because they reminded me of when I was a tot - they taste exactly like those potato smilies that we used to have as kids, only crispier and more delicious. Remember those? Good times. We washed it all down with a couple of cocktails to end the evening. I went for the Aviator, which tasted exactly like Parma Violets, and then headed home with a full tummy and a huge smile on my face. I had such a lovely birthday, and it made me feel so blessed - I have the most amazing people in my life, both friends and family, and I am so glad I got to spend my special day with those I love the most. 

And speaking of feeling blessed, over the two days, I was spoilt rotten, and I got such a lovely collection of gifts that I just had to share.
The first on my birthday wish list and my main gift was an ever popular Michael Kors watch. I know, everyone and their grandma has got one of these, but I just think they're so beautiful. They're feminine yet substantial, if that makes sense, and I'm so ridiculously happy that my parents treated me to one. I actually took a leap of faith and just said I wanted this particular brand, and that they could choose the watch, and my Dad picked out the exact one that I'd been swooning over for months! They know me too well! I would have been happy with anything they picked out, but I'm so pleased it was this one. It's the MK 5799 if you're interested.
As if that wasn't enough, my parents also got me a handbag and shoe combination from New Look. My mum claims it's because I knew I was getting the watch and she didn't want me to know what all my presents were. I love that woman. For some reason, I always opt for brown shoes, never black. So whenever it comes to anything remotely formal, be it an interview or similar, I always end up having to wear stupidly high shoes, the only black ones I have, and come home complaining of blisters and aching legs. I think my mum chose these with this in mind and I'm so pleased to own some black flats now, with a bag to match. They will be office staples. If ever I get a real job, that is. 
My brother has always been good at picking out things that I love. He thinks it's a fluke that every year he picks something I've secretly been pining over, but I beg to differ. We did live together for 20 years, he must have just picked up on my tastes. This year was no different, as he got me a beautiful Jo Malone cologne, in the scent, Blackberry & Bay. I've actually never smelt it before, and although everybody raves about it, I'm very picky with my perfumes, so this could have all gone horribly wrong. To my little bro's relief, I adore it. It's very fruity, and quite tart, and I think it will be absolutely perfect for Autumn. It will take pride of place on my scent shelf. 
At dinner on Saturday, my friends also gave me a few cheeky presents. They kept saying that they were only little things, but in my eyes, there's really no such thing as a little gift. If someone puts thought and effort into picking something out for you, it's a lovely gesture, and all of the gifts they got me were so perfectly suited to me that it made me feel absolutely wonderful.  

Firstly, I got an Essie duo, which contained the shades Bahama Mama and Chinchilly, which are perfect shades for the season. My friend was worried that they wouldn't be my cup of tea, but she got it so right - I love them! So much so that, the day before, I was dangerously close to buying Chinchilly for myself, but at the last minute, I put it down and picked up one from the Essie fall collection instead. Thank god for that, eh?
Speaking of cups of tea, as my friends are aware, I am a huge tea drinker. So they also got me an adorable little 'tea for one' set. I always get these as gifts for other people, but I've never owned one myself, so it was such a perfect gift idea. I can't stop using it, it's so beautiful. The pattern is perfect too - it has little woodland creatures all over it, which I love, and the colour scheme is so well suited to me, with a mixture of greens and purples, one of them being my favourite colour, the other being the colour of pretty much everything in my bedroom. I don't know whether my friend considered this when she bought it, or whether it was a subconscious thing. Either way, it's like it was made for me. 
Last but certainly not least, I got a beautiful little notebook, with the words 'Love and Luck' emblazoned on the front. The friend that got it for me thought that the words were fitting because it's what she wishes me all the time, and now I'll see it every time I write something down. Now, I don't know about you, but I thought that was the sweetest sentiment, it made my heart swell in my chest a little bit.
So that was my birthday - I had such a wonderful time, and everybody made me feel so loved. I love celebrating birthdays, even if they aren't my own. It's so great to do something a little bit different and to celebrate life every once in a while, so I can't wait for the next one to come knocking. Have you recently celebrated a birthday? Is yours coming up? What is your favourite way to spend it? Let me know!


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  1. Those cupcakes look delicious! You got some really lovely gifts, I've wanted Essie's Chinchilly for ages :) Lucky girl! Hope you had a lovely birthday :) xxx

    1. Thank you =) I had an amazing day and the cupcakes were indeed delicious! xx

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had an amazing day! Lovely gifts - love the MK watch and I am wearing Essie's Chinchilly right now and it's my favorite autumn shade!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. I really did! Thank you =) Chinchilly is fast becoming one of my favourites too! xx

  3. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Looks like it was the way every Birthday after 22 should be: relaxed and filled with loved ones! (another old lady here haha) Wishing you all the very best for this new year! xx

    1. Thank you!! =D And we're not old, we're wise! 18 was overrated anyway. =) xx

  4. belated b'day! cup cakes look yummy! and great bday presents