Thursday, 8 August 2013

Peaches and Cream: My Favourite Blushes

My complexion is often described as 'Peaches and Cream' and funnily enough, that's exactly what I want from my blush. Controversially, I have never enjoyed powder blushes, instead always opting for the creamier textures. As someone who suffers from dry skin, I prefer a dewy finish, not the cakiness that a powder gives me, and I also find creams a darn sight easier to blend. As well as this, I always go for the more peachy shades. I own a couple of pinky tones which I wear every now and then, but I have yellow undertones in my skin, meaning the warmth of a peach blush versus the cool bluey tone of a pink suits me a hell of a lot better. And although I own rather more blushes than I will ever need, I find myself constantly gravitating towards these two bad boys. So here is a bit of a run down on my two favourite blushes.
Looking very well loved - sorry about that.

My absolute favourite blush is Maybelline's Dream Touch Blush in 02 - Peach. Technically not a cream, but a mousse, I use this product every day. It's very light, with a very subtle colour pay off, so if you like a bit of intensity from your blush, this one is probably not for you. However, for those with a paler complexion like my own, I find it to be the most natural colour I've ever tried. It's the most wonderful light peach shade, with a slight shimmer to it, negating the need for highlighter (although I often wear it anyway, maverick that I am), perfect for creating a dewy, delicate flush. I apply it with fingers, and the texture combined with the pale colour put this right up there as the most blendable, easy to apply blush I have ever owned. My blush idol, nothing else I have tried has can even hold a candle to this peachy wonder.
Again, apologies for it's grubby state.
My camera has completely washed the colour out here! Wahh! But at least you can get an idea of the dewiness, and I promise, it doesn't look exactly the same as the other one!

If I'm going for a more blush oriented look, I always use the Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in 300 - Coral Reef. It looks a bit daunting in the pot - hello clown make up - but on the skin, it's a lot lighter, although still providing a generous and beautiful wash of colour. Clearly, it's more dramatic than my first choice blush, but I apply it in the same way, using my fingers to build the product to the coverage that I want. It blends like a dream and I find it to be a very buildable product, which you can wear beautifully sheer, or as a vibrant pop of coral on the cheeks. I love the finish of this one as well. There's no shimmer in it, but it still leaves me looking beautifully dewy, the perfect product for creating that healthy, flushed glow.

Do you own either of these products? What are your favourite blushes? Are you a powder or a cream kind of girl? Let me know!


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    1. Aww thank you very much! I've just taken a look at yours, and I love it! xx