Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pinks and Pastels: My Favourite Spring Nail Varnishes

I was reluctant to post anything remotely Spring related whilst the weather was so hideous. It felt like I was tempting fate somewhat. But after a glorious weekend of sunshine in the English countryside, I think we can all agree that Spring has finally sprung! So I'm busting out the pastel hues and bright colours, and swapping out my berry polishes for light and breezy alternatives - bring it on, Summer. 
My first choice of colour this season is one that I've had knocking around for a while now, and it's Peach Melba by Barry M. A beautiful pastel tangerine, it's perfectly on trend this season, which is great as I've always loved those orangey tones. I particularly love the fact that this shade makes my hands look quite tanned which, I can assure you, they are not. Always nice to cheat a cheeky tan.
Next up is another Barry M shade, named Blueberry. A sky blue shade that screams sunny days and picnics in the park, I've been reaching for it a lot more than anticipated. Blues and purples aren't usually my cup of tea, but I've really surprised myself with this baby blue obsession. I guess it's good to keep myself on my toes - and this nail varnish for that matter - perfect with a pair of cute strappy  sandals! Barry M always delivers such a fail safe range of colours for an affordable manicure, so there's no doubt that my collection of polishes will continue to flourish now that I've discovered a love for a new colour family. 
Thirdly, a brand new laquer love - Plastic Fantastic by Ciate. This is my first Ciate polish; a gift in last months Glossybox. As I stated before, blues and purples aren't my thing, so I wasn't entirely sure whether I would like this bright berry hue, and I certainly wouldn't have ever picked it up if it wasn't gifted to me. The name is also a bit misleading, as I was bracing myself for some kind of sickly Barbie shade, but I tried it on anyway, YOLO and all that, and actually, I love it. It's darker than I expected, and I feel that it's the perfect transitional colour for seeing me into Spring. It still has the berry tones of Autumn, but it's light and sweet enough to be perfect for the season ahead.
Last but not least is Models Own Utopia. I borrowed this from a friend for my Grad Ball back in 2012 (gahh I'm old!) as it went perfectly with my dress, and I loved it that much that I bought my own bottle the following day. An understated lilac nude colour, it gives the nails a wonderfully feminine chic look, adding a real sense of sophistication, day or night. I included this in my Valentines post, (notice the cheeky recycled picture) and I do think that this is a neutral enough shade to be used all year round, but I am particularly drawn to it at the moment for reasons unknown. You know, for someone that doesn't like purply shades, I've not done too badly here, have I? 

So there you have it, my new collection of go to shades for the season ahead. Do you have any of these shades? What are your favourite colours for Spring? Let me know!


P.s. Apologies for the week long hiatus. I had a rather hectic unplanned week, with no posts written or scheduled - won't be letting that happen again any time soon, I can assure you!  

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  1. Uhm, how on earth do you get such fabulous, perfectly painted nails?! Amazing!
    My favorite of these is the first one :)

    1. HA I think it's more a trick of the light! They look pretty bad up close! But thank you, your comments always put a smile on my face! :) xx

  2. Hello Darlin! I've missed you and your posts, I have been MIA from the blogging world hehe. But gosh I love the peach color, it looks so pretty with your skin tone!!

    Hope you are well,xoxo, Aman coffee chic

    1. Aww thank you lovely!! I've missed you too, have you changed your blog URL?? xx

  3. Ooo amazing nails, love all these shades especially the pastel ones!

    1. Thank you sweetheart! Pastels are perfect for this time of year - I wish they were more appropriate for the rest of the year though because I love them! Xx