Tuesday, 16 July 2013

July Glossybox

My second instalment of Glossybox goodness came this weekend, sporting a Seaside Splash theme, perfect for this magnificent heat wave. Designed for effortless yet glamorous beach days, it has an array of products perfectly suited for the occasion. And the box, oh the box. I will pretty much buy anything if you pop it in pretty packaging, so when this nautical beauty arrived, I loved it before I'd even seen it's contents. But let's take a look at them anyway, shall we. 
My favourite from this months offerings is the Alterna Haircare - Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousle Texture Mist (and... breathe). A dedicated fan of the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray, I love that tousled beach look. I think it's just so effortlessly beautiful, and so easy to maintain. I know a couple of people who don't like the drying effect that these kind of products have on your hair, but mine has been a vibrant red for the last four years, so I'm not exactly a poster child for luscious, healthy locks. And I feel like this product does the same thing as a sea salt spray, but with none of the draw backs. For starters, it doesn't  actually contain sea salt, but it does have bamboo and blue yucca root, both of which are supposed to have a healthy effect on your hair (both used to prevent hair loss actually), so Alterna are already winning there. I also find that sea salt sprays feel a bit sticky on my hands after I've styled my hair, and without careful distribution, they leave my hair feeling ever so slightly crispy. But there's none of that with this spray. It leaves my hair feeling soft and beautifully styled, and it is a fine enough mist that it doesn't leave my hair damp after application. I love it, and I'll almost certainly be repurchasing when this diddy 25ml sample runs out. 
I'm also a fan of the next item, the Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 - Unscented. I believe that this month's Birchbox also had a cucumber scented sample, although I might be wrong there. I haven't tried that one, but I'm really glad that I got an unscented version. I find that a lot of sun care products have a scent to them, and wearing them alongside other scented products can become a bit overpowering. I'm also a huge fan of the formula. Upon applying, it instantly melts into the skin, leaving no trace and allowing me to apply other products immediately. It's also an organic product, which claims to have the anti-ageing benefits of Acai Oil, as well as being packed with anti-oxidants and having the beauty benefits of soothing, toning and minimising pores. Lovely. Sadly, the factor isn't high enough for my milky complexion. I don't particularly like to wear anything lower than SPF 50 on my face when the temperature rises, 40 at a push, and as far as I can see, the Coola Mineral Face range only go as high as SPF 30. So even though I love all of it's wonderful qualities, I don't think I'll be purchasing this. Such a shame. Sort it out Coola
Thirdly, I received the Anatomicals - Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz. I was about to go out and buy Soap and Glory - Girligo (not technically for your face, I know) for use on the 13 hour flight (wahh!) that I will be on in less than a month, but the kind people at Glossybox are one step ahead, because this suits me perfectly. It claims to be both a refreshing mist, and a setting spray, something I'm rather sceptical about. The mist isn't really fine enough that I'd feel comfortable spraying it over a full face of make up. As for it's refreshing qualities, I don't find it to be particularly hydrating, but it is a sigh of refreshing relief in a bottle, and, containing peppermint and lavender, it smells divine! It has some quippy, Soap and Glory-esque description on the packaging too, and who doesn't love some quirky reading material whilst spritzing. It only retails for £6, and so far, I'm loving it, so I'd absolutely repurchase in the future.
Next, I received not one, but two Sleek Pout Paints, one in Rosetta, a dark pink colour, the other in Cloud 9, which is white. Upon opening it, my initial thought was, 'who the hell would want a white lip gloss?!', but on further inspection, I learned that they are supposed to be mixed with other products to alter the colour, although a minimal amount can be applied on it's own for a shot of vibrancy. Surprisingly, these are the first Sleek products I have ever owned, and I'm pleased as punch to finally be acquainted with the brand. My first, and favourite thing about the products is their smell. They have the most delicious tangerine scent and I can't stop sniffing them! Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the consistency. I was expecting quite a drying product, reminiscent of Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers, however, they are very silky smooth to apply, and not at all dehydrating. I have only applied Rosetta on its own so far, and have yet to mix them with other products, but I'm not sure I will, as I'm not too keen on the colours I received. Rosetta is very blue toned, which isn't flattering on my skin tone, although I may find use for Cloud 9 on some occasion. I'm also not entirely convinced that they fit with the beach theme, as they aren't particularly effortless, and they are a bit too pigmented for casual day wear in my opinion, but, for a product that I wasn't really expecting to get on with, I'm really pleasantly surprised. I'm sure they will get used at some point, but I don't think summer will be their season. 
Last, and unfortunately least, I received the Essie Sleek Sticks - a new long wearing nail sticker from one of my favourite nail brands. Now, these stick on manicures have never really been to my taste. I always find that there are never enough that are close to the right size for each nail (seriously, who has fingernails that size?!), and with all the effort of cutting, filing and shaping, it would be less of a chore to just paint your nails and have done with it. However, I did find myself eyeing up some of these in Boots last week (a black and white set with writing on them, which, after a quick Google, I have discovered are called Love To Love You), and I'm a big fan of Essie nail varnishes. I don't think I'll be trying these for a while, as the set that I received, a dark zebra print aptly named A To Zebra, doesn't really float my boat, and is definitely not summer appropriate, but who knows, I'll give them a whirl in the winter months and they might make a nail sticker lover out of me!
So there you go. My views on this month's Glossy goodies. Some products a little more impressive than others, but overall, I'm chuffed with my July treats. I'm sure the majority will get a lot of use in this sweltering heat.

Did you receive any of the same products? What do you think of Glossybox's July offerings? Let me know! 


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  1. I really want to try the sleek products! These two you got look great!


    1. Yeah, I really like them! I have quite dry lips so I always worry about these kind of products, but they're lovely! Definitely worth a look. xx

  2. I have the same nail stickers and I love it.*__*
    I really like your blog. Maybe follow each
    other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Oh really? I'm kind of excited to try them now, even though I wasn't keen before! And thank you. You have a really lovely blog too! xx