Monday, 17 June 2013

25 Facts About Me.

As I am a complete newbie to the whole blogosphere (is that even how you spell it?! Who knows?), I thought I'd do this fact thingy, so that you can learn a little about me, and I can practice all this blogging malarky a bit more. Win, win really. Enjoy!

1. I have a 1st Class Honours degree in Ancient History from the University of Nottingham. It was the best experience of my life, and I miss it terribly.

2. I have a terrier cross named Rupert. I love him a lot.

3. I am the oldest of 2 kids. My younger brother was born 2 years and a day after me. At least he had the decency to wait and not steal my second birthday thunder! ;)

4. I am an introvert.

5. I have a phobia of papercuts. I don't know, it's weird. I think it's something about the slicing. Eughh. Horrible. It's making me uncomfortable just typing this. Let's stop now, shall we?

6. My favourite colour is green. Teal in particular, but any green will do :).

7. I am a huge fan of old musicals. Singing In The Rain is a particular favourite.

8. My favourite books are the Harry Potter books. Predictable, I know, but everyone loves a bit of Hazza P.

9. I can pretty much recite every Friends episode ever made. Combination of having an amazing memory and watching them all countless times.

10. My favourite place is Athens. I have fond memories of playing hide and seek on the acropolis with about 20 college friends. Probably illegal, at the very least frowned upon, but I loved it.

11.My second favourite place is Rome. I just love that you can be walking down a street, turn a corner and the Pantheon is right in front of you. Such a breathtaking city.

12. I have never been in love. Kind of sad, but I think I'm OK with it.

13. I am now struggling to think of facts about myself. Apparently I'm not that interesting.

14. My biggest celebrity crush is Michael Trevino (Tyler from The Vampire Diaries). I met him once, said something weird in my state of panic and he called me cute. He probably thought nothing of this passing compliment, but I am now planning our wedding.

15. I am awful at keeping in contact with people. I frequently try to work on it, make resolutions every year to change it, but still I am rubbish. So sorry guys, if you want to be friends, you're just going to have to live with my sporadic texting and crap planning skills.

16. I am most definitely not a morning person. Speak to me before 10 at your own risk, but I will not be held accountable for biting your head off. Your chances are slightly more favourable if you come bearing tea.

17. I love being on aeroplanes, especially long haul flights. I think it's the fact that I can sit for hours watching films and reading books without feeling remotely guilty that I should be doing something else. I also quite like the food. Controversial, I know.

18. I am quite pale skinned and I love it. Embrace the pale, ladies.

19. Spring is my favourite month, although England hasn't really had a good Spring in yonks, which saddens me.

20. I barely ever eat breakfast. Naughty I know, but see number 16.

21. I really hate anything with peanut butter, but love peanut butter kit kats. Go figure.

22. I find anything about gangsters and the mafia really fascinating. I'm also kind of obsessed with Jack the Ripper. Who was he?!

23. My favourite words are bubble and serendipity.

24. I wish I was better at taking photographs.

25. I like to wait until TV series' have finished so that I can marathon the whole thing.

My god, that was difficult! Bonus fact: trying to think of 25 things has taken me so long, that I am now late for work.



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  1. Hiya, I totally agree with you on the whole airplane thing...my friends think its funny that I love airplanes...and the airport so much but I just do,It makes me feel excited everytime, I don't think it will fade with excess use either! I love the food too, something I just don't tell people really :P

    EdelBelle x